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Helen Beauty offers a range of specialized services including eyebrow threading, facial hair removal through threading, brow henna for natural enhancement, precise brow tinting, and the transformative brow lamination.

“Step into a world where expertise meets artistry, and let your brows shine.”

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Our most popular service, The Brow Shape is intended for those with an established eyebrow-care regimen. The service includes a brief consultation, shaping, and finishing, and takes 5-10 minutes to complete.

Brow lamination

Brow lamination is a cosmetic procedure that uses chemical solutions to temporarily straighten and set eyebrow hairs, creating a groomed and fuller appearance. Brow lamination results typically last four to eight weeks, but this can vary based on factors like hair growth and aftercare. Regular touch-ups may be needed to sustain the desired appearance over time.


Lip threading is a cosmetic hair removal technique that utilizes a twisted thread to swiftly remove unwanted hair from the upper lip area, providing a smooth result. This method offers temporary hair removal, with results lasting a few weeks.

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